Monday, May 16, 2005

Tommy Cannon! Posted by Hello

Fishing or lozzing, you choose. That's the bay in the background. Posted by Hello

Same location again, but with better cropping. Posted by Hello

Kids play on a monument, next to a miniature graveyard of the US war dead and the pier. Touching. Surprising number of mercenaries killed in Iraq. Posted by Hello

Tom Francis, the progenitor of many of these photos (that is, he took 'em). Posted by Hello

That old man hippy, he just keeps blowing... Posted by Hello

He's watching you... and everyone else on Venice Beach. Posted by Hello

Before you ask, we didn't go in. Posted by Hello

Out back at the Muscle Inn, journalists wave their pasty faces at the gleaming sun and the smell of pork crackling drifts across bikers' nostrils.  Posted by Hello

Threatening Hippy With Bubble Machine. What more needs to be said? Posted by Hello

Ah, Santa Monica pier. I went looking for Vampires, my mind saturated with cultural referents, I found this. Posted by Hello

Grill, taking a photo of a lamppost. Excitement. Posted by Hello

Santa Monica promenade. Journalists at large, beware! Posted by Hello

Man balancing women in chair on teeth. Tuesday. Posted by Hello

Treebeard begging for change. Only on Venice Beach - would have been chopped up for kindling long ago in London town. Posted by Hello

Freedom of speech on Venice Beach. Write whatever you want down, they'll write it up in big letters on these boards for everyone to read; they cover the promenade with them in the daytime. Posted by Hello