Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Penny beating me at pool. And Bar Billiards. And darts. And, y'know, everything.  Posted by Hello

JESUS ON F-ING MARS!!!  Posted by Hello

Penny looking very Western chic - Calamity Jane-stylee. Posted by Hello

One of the three Book Barn chambers. It goes on forever! Bury me here... Posted by Hello

Some pigeons (again, old.) Posted by Hello

My desk, chock full of screens, though surprisingly tidy. Posted by Hello

Hebrew National: We Answer To A Higher Authority. Posted by Hello

3D Realms' in-office snack store (only a small sample.) Posted by Hello

George Broussard's Hummer. Nice. Posted by Hello

A picture of Chrissy, John Walker and a rearing Kieron, from years back. Posted by Hello

Tasteful U.S. literature. She's called Shemane. She-man-e.  Posted by Hello

The backdoor of 3DR. Posted by Hello

The entrance hall to 3D Realms... Posted by Hello

Flann O'Briens, whenever. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

Tim, amused, scared. Posted by Hello

Victoriross! Posted by Hello

Fire! Posted by Hello

Tom and Craig a dancin'. Posted by Hello

Ross, taunting, unfortunately blurred with vehemence. Posted by Hello

Yon PC Plus feller (Chad Hall)after a viewing a rendition of 'Bog Roll.' Posted by Hello

Adam demonstrates how to jump the shark, erm, ride the bull. Posted by Hello

Tom's vehement flailing knocks Craig's block off! Posted by Hello

Craig prepares to hit Tom while he's down. Posted by Hello is. Posted by Hello

Marcello shows the bronco who's boss. Posted by Hello